Support Groups for People with Dwarfism

Dwarfism support groups by coutry:



Group photo from KSG event

Group photo at a KSG event .

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Groups about dwarfism and short stature

KSG is not responsible for any information on any of the sources below.

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Conferences are a great way to meet people and learn about the latest research. If you can't go to the conference, try to get a hold of the conference papers!

Please see the Newsletters and Events page for current and past conferences.

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Dwarfism Support Groups in Africa

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Dwarfism Sites Asia

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Dwarfism Sites - United States of America and Canada based Organizations

Support groups for Dwarfs in Canada

Dwarfism Support Groups in South America

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Skeletal Dysplasia Support Groups in Australia/New Zealand

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Sites Dedicated to Genetics

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Organizations Dedicated to Researching Rare Conditions

Most of these contain information about dwarfism.



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